Znm Rules ~

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Znm Rules ~

Post  Amelye on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:18 pm

Znm rules are pretty simple.

Tier 1 to 3 :

Your pop = You can @1 any item that drop + the seal. It is your right to give or keep the item since you are the one that farmed for the pop. So if a tomoe drop and u dont want it, you can give it to any ls member. All the rest goes free lot as long as the person lotting can equip it. Any drop worth more than 500k will be lotted by a LS LDRS and split between ppl present during the entire fight.

It's your responsability to have zeni points before the day we pop NM's if you want the ls to use your pop. Leaders decide what nm we pop with the numbers of person with a pop. If not more than 1 person have same pop, /random and pop w/e the winner have seal to pop and it possible to pop with the members online at that time.

Tier 4 rules TBA.

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