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Sky Rules ~

Post  Amelye on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:03 pm

CalllForHelp LS !!!


In CFH we are looking for players with a good range of jobs with gears and merits. Although it is not required, having more than one job at 75 is preferred. Don’t forget to have a buffer! We’re getting gears up here for your jobs but don’t come naked!


We meet twice a week, wednesday and fridays around 7 pm est. Attempt to arrive on time. Attendance will be taken before we begin, if you plan on arriving after the initial time or plan on leaving before we call it a day, just give us a tell so we can properly record it, it’ll help us all, so we can have the most accurate point system that is fair to everybody!
We are also aware some members are in End game linkshells, and events will clash, we understand you will have to prioritize for HNMs. Just don’t warp without saying anything.


1 point per hour will be given during sky runs, including gods. An extra point for members who got a Curtana or Water will be added and a total of 3 pts for Diorite. To help out the LS and to save us some farming it's possible to farm items in sky for points. You do not get a point per hour if your farm by yourself. But the following points will be added for these 3 items ONLY :

Ro'maeve Water : 2 point
Curtana : 1 point
Chunk of Diorite : 3 points

Items and lotting system:

Ideally, please respond in the Item Section of the forum about what you are interested in. That being said, if you have not, please make an effort to notify us before we fight a god, we’ll ask just in case. Send a Tell to those in charge. When two or more members are interested in one item, an auction based bid will begin. Highest bidder will only be allowed to lot on said item.

Items that aren’t gears or abjurations, that can be auctioned may be lotted for a minimum of 5 points.
Otherwise money drops will be lotted by those in charge to split amongst those present at the time of fight.
Kirin osode can be lotted for a minimum of 15 pts and need to be an active member in the linkshell for at least a month.Members need to be present the entire fight in order to lot.

High demand items:

Ex. Byakko’s Haidate’s, W.legs, K.Osode. Please be courteous to your fellow linkshell members and only lot if it you have a job you can equip it to, and that’ll you’ll actually use on a main job. Also If you can’t equip it, you can’t lot it.

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